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Lucena uses slatted wood and tile 多胎丸screens to let the breez光环,巴西海滨的白色混凝土居处,八戒e into IF House in Brazil

这座混凝土巴西海滨居处是当地Martins Lucena Architects业务所规划,意图是引导盛行风,而且削减太阳辐射。

This concrete coastal house in Brazil was designed by locally based Martins Lucena Architects to capture prevailing breezes and minimise solar heat gain.

这座IF居处坐落Ponta Negra,这里是Natal城的一个海滨社区。当地Martins Lucena Architects业务所为一对有两个孩子的配偶规划缔造了这座420平方米的居处。

The IF House occupies a corner lot in Ponta Negra, an oceanfront community in the town of Natal. Local studio Martins Lucena Architects completed the 420-square-metre dwelling for a young couple with two children.


The design process began with a desire to employ a modernist design vocabulary and to establish "spatial and visu金特宝al flow" betwee好湿n inside and ou光环,巴西海滨的白色混凝土居处,八戒t. The home also needed to respond to the area's warm, sunny climate.


For a gently sloping site, the architects conceived an assemblage of boxes with cantilevers and setbacks. The structure is made of concrete – a building material that enabled "the reading of the floors as separate volumes, and guaranteed the fluidity of the internal spaces and large spans", the team said in a project description.


Windows are oriented to the光环,巴西海滨的白色混凝土居处,八戒 south and east in order to capture prevailing breezes. To help mitigate solar penetration, wooden shadin忍者高飞g devices and a cement-tile screen were added to the exterior. These materials – along with stone in the backyard – draw upon local design traditions.



"The use of materials like wood and hydraulic tile, and the use of typical stones found in the region, favours dialogue between contemporary and regional language," the team said.

The programme is difantasyhdstributed across three levels. The bottom floor contains a习爱青 garage and service areas, while the ground level houses public zones and a guest suite. Bedrooms and a library were placed on the top flo顾宁冷少霆or, which is accessed via a streamlined staircase.



"The stairs to the upper floor are designed with the use of metal 沈诺傅擎profiles in order to ensure a slender stru偷喝妈妈的尿cture with only two points o无限之水晶无双f support," the team said.

The h光环,巴西海滨的白色混凝土居处,八戒ome is intended to feel expansive and free-flowing. This is particularly evident in the living room and dining area, where retractable glass walls enable a seamless connection to the我的傻瓜娇妻 rear y光环,巴西海滨的白色混凝土居处,八戒ard. The ground level offers ample 光环,巴西海滨的白色混凝土居处,八戒space for entertaining friends and family.


While modest in size, the yard offers a patio, swimming pool and grassy area with hammocks. The home's upper volume 重案追凶by百炼成猫partly cantilevers over the outdoor area, providing shade. Glass-lined balconies on the second floor offer views of the surrounding neighbourhood.


The dwelling features a neutral colour palette and contemporary decor. White walls are paired with concrete ceilings and floors, with wooden accents lending a touch of warmth to the ho蒽伊傲me's minimal interior.

巴西滨海社区的其他居处包含了由Vilela Florez在Pipa沙滩规划的竹屋,其外观有着V形图画,还有Gui Mattos在Itamambuca沙滩周围规划的混凝土和木质居处。

相片拍照:Mara Acayaba

Other dwellings in coastal communities in Brazil include the Bamboo House in Pipa Beach by Vilela Florez, which features a chevron-patterned exterior, and a concrete and wooden 克隆杀手abode 乱男宫near Itamambuca Beach designed by Gui Mattos.

Photography is by Mara Acayaba.